Day 2, Country 2 of the 777 Adventure: SWITZERLAND

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Day 2, Country 2 of the 777 Adventure: SWITZERLAND

In a nutshel:

Day 2 of the 777Adventure on route to Switzerland

 Massaciuccoli, Italy - Quinto, Suiss - Interlaken, Suiss

( no bones about it we were trucking on through!)

A solid 7 Hrs driving

362 miles covered 

all at a rough cost of €135.00 (£112.90)

little over budget but to be expected from one of our most expensive countries in Europe.

A bit more than the day before because this time we had to fill up with petrol & get supplies for the rest of the trip and that pesky years road tax (when we're in the country for less than 24hrs gutted) . Hopefully someone else will be driving the same van through Switzerland again & save their money. 

$40 for this?!


What we did

By passed Milan :( sacrifices have to be made wanted to hit the streets so hard with our epic fashion sense..




Drove up a mountain, cooked a spot of lunch at a waterfall (found while pee'N) 

We would have been over looking Quinto but we were surrounded by cloud EVEN BETTER!

P.s Pee wild = awesome finds

Saddled up and after a short fight with a pay at pump machine

(Swiss Machines hated Chris)  

We headed straight to the party hostel complete with bar & hot tub, but little did we know they were renovating so it was closed.

Lets have a look at what we could have won!



 Instructed by the builders we hit up Baracuda Bar across the street & had an awesome night and met some truly awesome people. \/ \/ \/ CHECK VLOG BELOW \/ \/ \/ 

 We were set to meet up with cousins of a friend, Andrew Davis but due to work weren't able to catch up to the next day. We then proceeded to tell everyone in the bar we were there visiting Andy to which everyone in the bar replied with he has a brewery & they have his beer on tap... News to me but thought wicked clearly a local legend! we got tucked into pint after pint of free beer & ( Beautifully presented) Bacon Wraps all because we were friends of "Andy's"

After getting a little messy at Baracuda we hopped on our new friend Jess' bike and tried to follow her to a night club. With one pissed Tina on the back and a flat tyre, it was never happening. We soon lost everyone and decided to struggle back to the show ground where we'd parked the van up for the night. Tina's filming skills and commentary are on point, at the tale end of the Vlog have a wee peak \/ \/ \/




The 777 Adventure continues, stay tuned for *Naked* Austria +Bonus Country Day 3...

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