The 2Anoo 777 Adventure Prep!

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The 2Anoo 777 Adventure Prep!

What is the 777 Adventure? 

"The 777 Adventure is 7 Countries, in 7 Days with only £700!"

It is our Aim to Prove! That it is possible to travel the world with a small budget and with very little time. 


If you are interested in travel!

  • but your work or family situation will not allow you to travel vast distances for extended periods of time then this is for you!
If you are interested in travel!
  • but you see the Disporational instagramers and rich kids of this world throwing money around like its wedding confetti and you don't think you can afford it this is for you! 

If you are interested in travel!

  • but don't just want to go to one place because you think you'll get board then this is for you!

If you are interested in travel!

  • but think the world is just too big a place and if you can't see it all you just won't bother This is definitely for you and should change your outlook!


As travelers that have never traveled in this way we have set ourselves the challenge to prove it can be done.

  • we never plan
  • we never know where we're going
  • we never have to stick to strict time scales 
  • we never have a budget 

But this time we need to do all of the above! and we're going to show you how every step of the way. We've already put a few Facebook lives out there building the momentum/following for the trip we want as many people as physically possible to see that this is achievable. we'll be vlogging each day as it comes and depending on how good I get at it that will either come each evening on our way or once we return TBC. 



Kicks Off 22nd March 2017 on the 2anoo Facebook page and Instagram

Hope you can make it!


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