The 2Anoo 777 Adventure COMPLETED!!!

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The 2Anoo 777 Adventure COMPLETED!!!

A Quick Break Down off the

777 Adventure!

This whole trip was possible due to the fact that Wicked Campers. An Internationally Iconic Graffitti'd up campervan company needed a camper relocated back to Edinburgh. For its MOT we later found out.

So Wicked covered the following:

  • 2x flights out to Rome from Edinburgh at a cost of £250        (no hold baggage) 
  • The Van was free of charge
  • 1x tank of fuel probs €60 worth
  • 1x Camping stove & little water tank for the sink pre filled ready to rock.
(There are relocation camper and car deals out there guys just gotta be willing to adhere to the rules, time scales provided and usually go at a moments notice but depending on how desperate they are you can play hard ball and get more out of them. We literally stumbled upon this one through the Wicked Camper Facebook page no joke. I have in the past spent whole afternoons in the US and Oz searching online and ringing round camper van hire/sales companies at the time being under 25 and in the states thats a no go for the campers otherwise I would have done LA to NYC or Florida to Canada but hey thats life. We did however find a glitch on a Hertz rental car web page once. It took 2 hours of arguing with head office but we won in the end. Got a tiny car in San Fran for $5 a day and drove it to Pheonix Arizona within 19hrs. Half near killed chris but with Tina taking over the last leg we made it all for the cost of fuel 5 bucks and no One Way Fee) 
    So Just Got a Quote from Wicked usual costs are as follows:


    7 Days @ £50.00 GBP £350.00


    One Way Fee  GBP £300.00
    1. Standard Liability (£1000 Bond) 25+ - Daily at £5 GBP £35.00
    VOH Certificate (compulsory if traveling in mainland Europe)

    GBP £15.00

    (includes VAT GBP £116.67)


    Still epic considering thats your bed and transport covered. Wicked also do these awesome promo deals advertised on their website and social pages. Have seen one before that while booking your van  say/prove your gay to get discount!? mental! Or take an epic pic posing naked of your road trip crew and the van while its hired out to get money knocked of your bill at the end of your trip. So obviously there are ways to get it cheaper returning to the pickup location already will knock a huge chuck off, renting in low season and so on and so forth. 

    Here's one Chris rented for the Great Ocean Road in Australia, 3 Days I think it was. Split 4 ways, cracking way to see the country. 

    Anyway back to the 777 Adventure

    So The Rest was on us!

    • 7 Days worth of Food & drink. Through 7 Countries (11 in the end) with Italian Tolls, Swiss Road Tax, Austrian Road Tax (if your there long enough :P or don't get caught) the sights, a ferry and all the fuel for the 2000mile + journey. 


    • The lot we aimed to do on a budget of £700 between us so £350each. 


    (As explained in previous videos and posts all this was for you the viewers and readers at home to prove what can be done on a short time scale with a relatively small amount of cash. We could have just made a B-line for Calais done 2 countries and got the job done!) 


    (But we would still be faced with the questions how do you manage to travel so much? Or the statement from family and friends "Oh I wish I could travel" now I know every bodies circumstances are different but if you want to travel badly enough like we do, you'll do everything in your power to make it happen!) 

    • Obviously accommodation was our van we just parked up where ever and never stayed in or paid for camping grounds.


    • With our route taking us through the Alps and bedding not included we needed blankets so we purchased 1x hold luggage @ £20 I'd have been happy with a couple of sleeping bags but Tina loves and is the boss at making nests. I reckon she was an Orangutan in a past life! 


    • Now showers, if the weather had been warmer we would have washed rough in lakes and streams but instead Day 3 officially Country 3 we gave into the smell and unknowingly hit up a "Naked" Austrian spa (Vlog/Blog post to follow) for €12 each and Day 4 Country 4, Germany we kipped on an air bed at Tina's uncle and aunts and showered there. 


    • Not forgetting the £1000 deposit on the van that gets held on your credit card incase of any unexpected occurrences which I personally wasn't keen on. You are insured but bare minimum and any damage to the van would be taken out of that £1K you handed over. (I'd always doing deposits on your credit card because if there is a dispute the credit card company will back you up and recover the costs if they agree with you bank have less sway)


    • Now past Chris wouldn't have cared but the new and improved 2Anoo business conscious chris was a bit apprehensive so Tina the WEB WIZ sniffed out some cracking cover for £50. (Make sure it covers campers)

    (Although travelling through mostly the EU still as EU citizens with our European Health insurance cards which are free btw guys who knows how long for?) 


    • We purchased added cover as we don't usually plan so we could have deviated from the barley planned route and got involved with a bit of skiing which we did neither of but ya know its nice to have options. That was around £18 between us for a 7 day trip through Europe worth it for peace of mind for your family ha.

    We've been back 2 weeks now and it all seems like a blur, we hope you like the vlogs and blogs please feel free to send us any questions or quires about the trip or perhaps your own trip and think we could help and share any 2Anoo posts you think would help another traveler!

    Cheers Gang!


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