2anoo's Top 10 Spots to visit

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2anoo's Top 10 Spots to visit

It's a toughie but heres what we think are best places we've been so far:

1. San Blas, Panama

If you close your eyes and think about desert island life, then the san blas archipelago inhabited by the Kuna tribe would be it. 365 little pieces of paradise hugging the coast along the Border of Panama and Colombia. 



Footage by BRAYBRAYWOOWOO check him out on Youtube some epic drone vids 

2. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

With so much to see and do in Bolivia we ran out of time (nothing to do with working at The Wild Rover Hostel Bar in La Paz), plus its super cheap. Hence our favourite was one of the cheapest places to visit the Amazon Jungle. Las Pampas

Cruising down one of the Amazons tributaries Las Pampas, Bolivia


3. Karachi, Pakistan

Nothing like the western media portray, the people we met were so kind hearted and could no do enough for us, we felt like royalty. Wonderful trip to open the mind to media hype verses reality. Main purpose of the trip was to be guests at a friends Borhi Wedding and wow this 7 Day extravaganza did not disappoint. Only 2 out of 1600 guests, we ate the best of food and were looked after beyond belief. I hope in years to come this country finds its inner peace and opens up to the world. 

Camel rides on the beach Karachi, Pakistan


















4. Kanchanaburi, Thailand

If you have ever eaten dragon fruit then you will know it is the most peaceful fruit on the planet to eat. Imagine you could visit a place this peaceful, well you can and its called Kanchanaburi probably amplified by the sheer craziness spent prior on the streets of Bangkok. This place with its kind locals, ancient long abandoned Buddhist ruins, Accommodation on the banks of the River Kwai this was one authentic experience we will never forget and got way more than we ever expected.  

Cycle round Kanchanaburi, Thailand


5. Beijing, China

One word 'random' but we like weird and wonderful. Real culture shock but an all round epic city with so much to see and do.

Travel Beijing, China

6. Borovets, Bulgaria

This Ski Holiday Gem has everything covered, from strong rakia and dishes over flowing with meat and cheese to powder covered slopes and wicked bars and night clubs all for a cheap cheap price. 




7. Cairns, Australia

Seriously I know this is a list top ten but it is in no particular order Take it from me Cairns is SCARY!!! good with a free Lagoon right in the CBD and gateway to the Great Barrier Reef its an insane place to meet awesome backpackers and get loose in the many... MANYYYY bars and clubs through-out this town. Also an excellent jump off into the Daintree Rainforest and Idyllic Islands. Not forgetting a number of adrenaline filled activities await if your not to hungover.

Cairns living Queensland Australia


















 8. La Huasteca Potosina, Mexico

When you have a Landlord chasing you for rent which your French friend said you didn't have to pay what else do you do?? Head to the Mexican Jungle in search of the Self appointed King Edward James' Castle, Turquoise rivers, waterfalls and much much more extraordinary place! See Chris 18seconds in jumping into one of the pools inside the castle (TBC by the Mexperience boys who ran the trip but you get the feel)



9. Carlsbad, USA

This list has been sooo hard another stand out corner of the world sat between LA and San Diego. Carlsbad is a little piece of surfer heaven. With a wicked beach class for catching your 1st waves, then awesome surf shops, bars and Eating Houses all crammed into an American Village. Too Good!

Pacific Ocean, Carlsbad Beach, California, USA

10. Port Barton, Philippines

This like so many places on our list was not on our planned route we just got chatting with some other backpackers while on a 36hour (RoRo* Roll on Roll of) ferry from Iloilo City, Iloilo to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and after a few Red Horse we decided to join when we reached dry land. Upon arriving we were met with Reggae vibes, tree houses and pigs on the beach literally hogging the Volley ball court no joke. This place was paradise but just when you think things couldn't possibly get any better along comes Bigs a local offering a nights stay on a secluded island now thats when things get tribal!

Port Barton, Palawan The Philippines


  • marie

    HI Chris and Tina – just watched win the wilderness and thought I would look you guys up – def thought you should have won but what a crazy time has been happening now !!! what a story!!

    I am so glad you are in Australia – I just love it when people come to live here and add to much to the country. if you ever travel down to NSW come and stop by my farm at Sassafras NSW – I have a lot going on and since COVID I have had lots of backpackers and friends of my kids stay and hang out and work.

    I am currently working with a group called Odonata to create a Sanctuary here at Misty Mountain – its a process but it will be a great journey to make it happen.

    Best of luck with whatever you are doing in Queensland

    Marie :)

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