How do we fund our travels?


How do we fund our travels?

People constantly ask us how we have managed to travel consistently without coming home to re stock the funds. Our Answer is very simple


Making money in Phuket, Thailand

Money won Gambling in Phuket, Thailand 

 We actually don’t even really save to go away (roughly £1000), as we go in the full knowledge that we are going to work when we get to our destination. 

There are 2 x OPTIONS:  

  1. Sensible option: Apply for Jobs, Internships or Volunteering abroad before you go through reputable agencies (e.g. Camp America, Season workers, ESL Teaching, Au pairing, workaway google is full! Go application nuts see who bites) 
  2. Reckless but more fun option: Apply for a working holiday visa if needed head off and figure it out, knock on doors offer your skills the worst they can do is say no. Also if your staying in a place long term either camping or have rented accommodation cruise the local hostels as there is usually jobs posted on notice boards.
Tina's daily commute on the Mango Farm Darwin, Australia 


Work any job that comes your way and be willing to do anything… Usually your going to get smelly, your going to get dirty and your going to work harder than you probably ever have done in your whole entire life BUT the upside is your traveling and seeing the world!  

Salmon Fishing in the Puget Sound, Seattle, USA


We prefer Option 2 as you can get pretty lucky... 

 Limo Tour Guide Suposedly Hollywood USA


 Pool Party Bartender in Guadalajara, Mexico

 But even if your poor beyond belief, eating borrowed crackers drizzled with borrowed sachets of tomato ketchup and are trying to conjure up your next move work for FREE or for accommodation in Hostels (commonly Known as WOOFING in Oz in private homes/Farms etc). 

Our Safari Tent which we worked a few hours a day to pay for in WA 

It shows character to any would be employer, gets you out and about to stumble upon new opportunities and you are still exploring the country your in. Talk to and tell your story to anyone who’ll listen word of mouth is a powerful thing. Networking while traveling has definitely changed our luck more times than we can remember.

Teaching English as a second language Seoul, South Korea

 And trust me working with locals be it in Thailand, Australia, Mexico or France you see a completely different side to the country. You are invited to family gatherings and events no tourist would ever see. 



Turned up to work on the farm & boss took me out fishing instead, Yeppoon, Queensland OZ

 You can't go wrong with Gumtree & Craigslist and one we have never personally used but there is some epic stuff on is Workaway. Always join local Facebook groups offering jobs too. 

There’s opportunities out there that are not going to come to you in your home town so go out and get them! 


& please share with any potential traveler or someone on the road needing a boost. 

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    Your van advertising is absolutely brilliant – love it on the M1. Might well be the inspiration to travel again.

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