Liebster Award


Liebster Award

Having recently been nominated for the Liebster Award I thought I'd better find out what the Liebster award is. 

So here's the Spiel,

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is made by travel bloggers for travel bloggers and is a great opportunity to be more involved in the community, discover new blogs and connect with them.

"Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome."

If you have been nominated for the award and you choose to accept it, you should write a blog post about the Liebster Award following these rules:


◦ Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their site on your blog.

◦ Display the award on your blog.

◦ Answer their 10 questions about yourself.

◦ Nominate 5-10 other bloggers for the award and inform them via social media (the nominees have to have less than 3000 followers).

◦ Create your own set of questions for your nominees.

◦ Enjoy winning an award and pass this great feeling onto someone else!


In conclusion I would would like to Thank Shilesh Pahuja of “ My Heart on the Road“, for the recent nomination for the Liebster Award which was pretty cool.  My Heart on the Road is a Clean Cut Blog with interesting travel hacks and tips.

I think this award as well as being a pat on the back for the amazing blogs people have put together. It is a way of staying connected to that traveler life style of constantly meeting new like minded people, interacting, supporting mega ideas and swapping stories. 

Right Lets get into this!

Questions From My Nominator My Heart on the Road 

& Answers from Chris and Tina 



Out of all the countries/cities you have visited, which one did you like the most?


I think unanimously we both have a special place in our hearts for Bolivia don’t get me wrong we love the rest of the world that we’ve seen but there was just so much to do there and we left it unfinished.


What is your favourite travel hack/tip?


Favourite Travel Hack????!!! I would have to say a JellyBlag!! what started out as a Jellyfish scare game on the beaches of California
(literally pointing to nothing and shouting JellyBlag)
turned into an art form of Blagging or telling little white lies as we travelled to make big Hire Car companies, employers or Airlines to discount and assist us wherever possible…. 
(Rules of Jelly Blagging never harm or hurt someone’s feelings with your Jelly Blag and only target big firms that can afford to give a little extra ;P ) 


Which objects you cannot leave at home while traveling?


For Chris its got to be his Map of the World acquired from his boat captain in Seattle, Washington State. Plotted with his route around the world so far. Although lost for a time it is now safely back with its rightful owner after a year and a half stint in a Filipino’s wardrobe.


For Tina its her one and only true friend Sponge Bob. For long enough we were 3 traveling the world but since the addition of her best mate in tattoo form curtesy of a few Singha beers & a shop on Koh San Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Now she can’t go anywhere without her best bud.


What changed in your way to travel since you started your travel blog?


We find ourselves looking through the lens of a camera more which we have never been a great fans of. Preferring sometimes to put the camera at the bottom of the bag and fully soak up the experience.  Still playing with ways to combat this aspect of being a travel Blogger.


What are your fears traveling? And how do you overcome them?

As a solo traveler for a few years I (Chris) cared less for my safety and wellbeing doing what ever I wished no matter how dangerous. Since meeting Tina, I have really changed my perspective and upped my danger radar as I would never wish any harm come to her as a result of my ideas or actions.
On the other hand since being with Tina I have noticed her increased interest in countries of unrest such as Pakistan, Kenya, North Korea and Afghanistan. But must admit her driven mindset is pushing me to visit these countries and has really challenged my preconceived ideas. 


Which is the best way to travel? Alone, with your partner, in a large group of friends, with your family…?


All Of the Above! each have their benefits and downfalls. 


The Lone wolf is free to roll in and out of town with the wind but has no one to share his or her experiences with.

With you Partner is Idyllic but also a true test of your relationship when times are good they are very very good but when times are bad. Thats when people's true colours show and you will find out whether or not you are made for one another.

In a Large group is just Epic! For the Party, Activities etc but you rarely meet locals or other travellers as you are are one big Clique no-one can get in and no-one can get out so to speak you get invited to less and are limited to the group.

With Family I would highly recommend to everyone, at least once. When you are travelling working things out along the way and out of your comfort zone you see a completely different side to your nearest and dearest which can be nice.

Why is your blog called … ?

Our Blog/Company is called 2Anoo, as there are 2 of us and we wanted it to have a Tiki, Polynesian, Islander feel. 2Anoo literally stands for To a New it can be applied to a range of things like 2Anoo Destination, 2Anoo Adventure, 2Anoo Life, 2Anoo Experience, 2Anoo Friendship the list is endless. 2Anoo is a mindset always looking forward.


Why did you decided to start a blog? It was a travel-inspired decision?

100% Travel inspired we absolutely love to travel and wish to continue doing so for the rest of our lives. The Blog was a way in which to keep friends and family informed of our where abouts and what we were up to but soon became a vehicle for us to share our stories and sell our travel products to a much much wider audience. Thus funding more travel. 

How do you find inspiration and get new ideas for your blog?

We are constantly looking 2Anoo horizon, 2Anoo opportunity what ever comes to mind, be it places we wish to visit or things we want to try we aim high and smash it out of the park and thats what gives us our content.


Do you have a future or long-term plan with your blog?

The Blog is going to follow the whole journey of how Chris & Tina go from wandering back packers to thriving business owners showing others how to do the same if they so wish.


Hope that Q&A gives you more of an insight into what 2Anoo is about remember at any time anyone can hit us up and ask us literally anything and we'll see if from our experiences we can help or put you in touch with a traveler friend who's got the answers you seek. 

Ok on to the next bit, I would like to nominate the following 5 Blogs for the 

Liebster Award!

  1.  Jacqueline Minnick @ Not Quite Indiana Jones
  2. Nathan Milward @
  3. Chiara Wanky @ Tarutao Reef Project
  4. Helmi @
  5. Esmeralda Rodriguez @ Tequila Kiss

    Now Guys for my 10 Questions.

    • How Different are you now apposed to when you set out on your 1st travel Adventure?
    • While Traveling what sticks with you about the different people you have met?
    • Do you think everyone in the world should have the opportunity to travel at least once. Would you support this and why?
    • What has been your most magical experience while travelling?
    • Where is the one place you have to go before you leave this earth? 
    • Where do you see yourself and the Blog in 10 years time?
    • What have you enjoyed most about your blogging experience so far?
    • When you are not travelling how do you combat the itchy feet and need, to get away?
    • What location or time will always hold a special place in your heart?
    • Imagine the opportunity was given to you. To travel indefinitely for the rest of your life unable to return to your hometown or place of birth or to stay in one place for the rest of your days never to travel again. If It had to be one or the other which would it be and why?



    Hope all the readers enjoy this as much as I have putting it together. Thought initially it was a bit gimickey and time wasting but actually once you get started it makes more sense. Look forward to my Nominees post! 

    Thank you, Peace!






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