The 15 things we never travel without!

The 15 things we never travel without!

I remember one of my first trips away, packing everything apart from the kitchen sink into one extra large, overweight suitcase on wheels, not being able to sweet talk the check in assistant and having to wear most of my clothes onto the plane. Then after all that effort not even wearing or using half the stuff in there!
If travelling has taught us one thing, less is definitely more.
We purposefully bought carry on size backpacks, so that we can't take too much, its cheaper and so much easier. But there are a few things we always squeeze in there...

1. 5L Waterproof Bag (to keep those valuables dry)

2anoo engine in the pouring raining, still an awesome day on the san blas

We were on a boat in panama and the heavens opened, i had our mobile phones and passports in my handbag and they got completely ruined, just wish we had used one of these bad boys for our valuables at the time!

2. Super Glue (to quickly fixes things while on the road)

2anoo Jungle Hike after fixing my boots

The sole of my walking boots was coming off, luckily i had my trusty super glue with me and e voila a quick fix. You can also be hero & help others in need too.

3. Citronella Essential Oil (a natural mosquito repellent)

4. Lighter (for all the camp fires)

2anoo van life, camp fire & good friends

Camp fire with beers & friends on the road towards Darwin, Australia

5. Natural shampoo bar (lasts for over 50 washes)

2anoo hair wash while travelling

First proper wash in a while, sharing only 2 buckets of fresh water between us.

6. First Aid Kit (just in case, hopefully you never need it)

7. Padlock (for keeping your stuff safe, in suitcases and for hostel lockers)

8. Ear Plugs (to help aid sleep on public transport or in shared rooms)

9.  Adapter (for your chosen destination or a worldwide)

10. Head Torch (to see in the dark & to shine in everyones eyes)

2anoo head torch while backpacking the olympic peninsula

Proberbly the one useful thing we bought along with beers and macaroni cheese on our way to the hot springs in Washington State, USA

11. Tissues (for when theres no toilet paper)

2anoo toilet in the san blas... don't fall down

This was the only toilet on the island, the tissues came in handy!  

12. Playing cards (because everyone loves a game of snap)

2anoo card game... beer blow on the road

The beer blow game, always essential ice breaker in any hostel!

13. Journal (write down all the stories for the grandchildren)

14. Pen (needed to write all the stories, for filling out immigration forms & taking new friends contacts)

15. Inflatable Pillow (for a little bit of comfort)


Whether you are an experienced backpacker or its your first ever trip, save yourself money, time & effort, find the link to the essential backpacker kit here:


Safe & Happy Travels!


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