What does 2Anoo Mean?


2anoo was created off the back of the adventures of Chris & Tina. Chris is Scottish and Tina is half English half Filipino. If you haven't guessed already, we're off the wall adventure seekers & share a love of travel, (in fact that is how we met).

Whether it’s been a full blown couple of years on the other side of the globe or a micro adventure over the weekend at home. Be it together or on separate trips alone, when we're on the road we feel an overpowering sense of freedom & excitement.

We are always in search of fun opportunities (if you don't ask you don't get), we love immersing ourselves into new cultures & leaving our comfort zones to do things we would never do back home (the weirder the better!)

We're realistic, (its not all rainbows and unicorns) we don't travel with thousands of pounds or the top spec cameras & we rarely ever make a plan.

Travel has changed us, we appreciate a lot more than we did before, we have discovered different ways of living & if we want it we go and get it.

2anoo is a combination of our fun experiences, passion to travel & journey through life so far.


"We're not running away... we're sprinting 2anoo way of thinking & 2anoo way of living!" 


Theres no such thing as too much fun! So stop making excuses to yourself, grab those opportunities & have your own 2anoo adventure, head off 2anoo destination & look forward 2anoo life!