Win the Wilderness | Chris & Tina

What is win the wilderness: Alaksa?

BBC2 UK & Netflix International Show that follows six British couples as they compete for the ownership of an extraordinary home in the Alaskan wilderness. Situated over one hundred miles from the nearest road, the three storey property is the home and legacy of Duane and Rena Ose, the married couple who spent over thirty years building it. Now both in their seventies, and with their children unable to take it on, the Oses are searching for a couple to inherit their life's work.

Watch it on Netflix International here:

Win the Wilderness Netflix

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Win the Wilderness BBC2


How did we get onto the show?

A few years back a fellow butler in the buff (from Chris past life ;P) competed in show called ‘ultimate hell week’ and through that remained friends with members of the production team that would also come to work on win the wilderness. this post was then shared on facebook:

Win the wilderness fb post


We applied through email with a few pictures of our adventurous lifestyle and brief description of why we would love to live off grid and thought nothing more of it. Fast forward 6 months later while in the Philippines and boom a surprise phone call totally out of the blue asking us if we would still be keen to partake. A bit caught of guard having semi forgotten about the application, we agreed to submit a video reel of more travels and a few skype interviews we were whittled down to be a reserve couple. A few more months past and we decided to just hang on the island of Siargao, Philippines to await what seemed like was going to be an 11th hour decision. Then BOOM flight's were booked and we were on our way to Alaksa with no idea what to expect. We never really plan anything, things just happen…

FYI the BBC post applications for up and coming TV shows on this page:


Will we be going back upto ose?

Of course we hope to head back up at some point in the near future (Covid 19 depending). If mark & emily need a couple of gofers we'll be there with our googles on! We have no doubt that whatever they do it will be epic! Although we came second, we have been totally inspired and determined to pull our fingers out & focus on building our own version of Ose mountain!  


Are we still in touch with the other couples & Duane and Rena?

Because the best things in life are the people you meet, the places you go & the memories you make. We made friends for life out there 🖤and although we all came from different situations, we all had similar views & life goals.

Follow Mark and Emily's journey on Ose here:

Wi the wilderness finale

Duane & Rena moved back to Minnesota shorty after the series ended and unfortunately the queen of Ose mountain (Rena) sadly passed away :(  

We were lucky enough to meet such a wonderful & inspiring lady & we are sure Duane would appreciate any love & support via his facebook page: 

You can read more about their time on Ose mountain here:

"To say I did instead of wishing I had" - Duane Ose


What are we doing now & what’s our future plans?

So we ended up in the Sunshine Coast of Australia, not as extreme as Alaksa but we love the outdoors and quality of life over here.

'Normal' doesn't interest us, we're currently living in bus trying to figure out visa's to stay here in Australia 🤞We’re always looking for new, exciting opportunities and will be updating our next steps on instagram:

WTW Alaska